What is fetter?

What Does fetter Mean

A shackle is an arc of iron having a pair of holes, each located at one end. Through these openings a bolt (an elongated piece that has a head) passes that is adjusted with a key (a peg), allowing a chain to be attached to the ankle of a person deprived of their liberty or to the point of a ship.

What a shackle does is attach a chain to a pivot or to a traction device to easily drag something or to immobilize it. According to its function, the shackle can have different characteristics.
When used on people , shackles are similar to handcuffs , although they are placed on the ankles and their chain is longer.

Exactly it must be stated that at present and when it comes to particularly dangerous prisoners, the police forces resort to placing what is known as police shackles on the ankles. They are very similar to handcuffs and what they do is limit the detainees' ability to move and, therefore, dramatically reduce their chances of escape. In addition, they help to make it easier for the police to control the detainee in question when under their supervision and surveillance.
They also respond to the name of tactical handcuffs and are made of very resistant materials such as steel.
Nowadays, it is very common to see on television how those sentenced to life imprisonment or death in the United States appear in court with the traditional orange prisoner jumpsuit and such shackles on their ankles.
In the past, shackles were also used that were placed on a single ankle, while a very heavy metal ball was attached to the other end of the chain . The impossibility of dragging that ball meant that the prisoner could not move beyond a certain limited radius : that is why the use of these shackles was common among those sentenced to forced labor. When the prisoner had the shackle attached to the ball, he could not move further than allowed by the extension of the chain.
Finally, shackles were also instruments of torture that were used in northern Europe. In this case, they consisted of necklaces that, by means of a short chain, were attached to a tree or a wall. These collars were placed on the neck and wrists of the victim.
In the field of construction, the term shackle is also used to refer to an essential piece in what is the lifting of large weights.
Within the field of video games we also come across the use of the term shackle that we are now dealing with. A good example of this is that in the video game "Dark Souls III" there is what is called a vertebral shackle. Under this name is a very special bone because it helps to advance in what is the oath of the stackers. Also, it should not be overlooked that it is considered to be part of the chains of the gods.

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