What is feminine?

What Does feminine Mean

From the Latin feminīnus , the feminine term refers to that which is proper, relative or belonging to women . It is, therefore, about something or someone who has the distinctive characteristics of femininity .

A being that belongs to the female sex is endowed with organs to be fertilized. This means that members of the female gender produce the sex cells known as ovules .
The woman who reaches sexual maturity produces eggs every about 28 days. When maturing in the ovary , the ovum (which has genetic material) moves to the fallopian tubes .
When a sperm (the male gamete ) fertilizes an egg, a zygote is formed and the process that will lead to the birth of a new specimen begins.

In the biological field, we also have to state that there is a term that uses the adjective that we are dealing with now. We are referring to the feminine pseudohermaphrodite expression with which it comes to define any person whose appearance is that of a man but who internally has ovarian tissue.
Specifically, some of the hallmarks of people who suffer from this anomaly are having a normal vagina, external genitalia that are virilized and a hypertrophied clitoris or high levels of 17-ketosteroids.
In grammar , the female gender is used to name people who are part of the female sex, female animals and certain objects. For example: the word "cute" is an adjective of feminine gender ( "That woman is cute" ), while its corresponding in masculine gender would be the term "cute" ( "That man is cute" ). If the grammatical gender is not respected, a concordance error occurs ( "That man is cute" , "That woman is cute" ).
In this sense, we can state that one of the main uses that is given to this adjective is that given to it in the sports field. And it is that in it that one is used to establish the distinction in each of its modalities between what are those that only men play and those that correspond to women.
Thus, for example, we find women's soccer, women's basketball or women's handball teams. In the latter case, we could highlight, for example, the Spanish women's handball team, which in these past London 2012 Olympic Games has won a bronze medal.
In astrology , female signs are those with even numbers, such as Virgo , Taurus , Scorpio , Capricorn , Cancer, and Pisces . Astrologers assure that those born under these signs have introspection and objectivity as their main features.
The astrological elements classified as feminine, on the other hand, are Earth (characterized by pragmatism) and Water (indicated by its propensity for feelings).

In the same way, we can establish that within Chinese culture there is the duality that exists in the universe and is known as yin and yang. The yin is the feminine principle that is identified with the earth and passivity while the yang is the masculine principle that is identified with the activity and the sky.

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