What is feeding?

What Does feeding Mean

The feed is the process and result of feeding (providing food to a living being or energy to a machine). By extension, the group of elements that are considered food is known as food.

For a person or an animal to survive, it is essential that they eat : that is, they eat food . Food provides them with the necessary resources to maintain vital functions and develop. The diet, however, varies according to the species and age.
In the case of humans , food depends not only on biological issues, but also on cultural issues . The cannibalism , for example, is prohibited by law and generates repulsion; however, throughout history there were various tribes who resorted to this way of eating. Pets, such as dogs and cats, are also not part of the human diet in the Western world, although their meat could be eaten.

The latter generates great contradictions when the ideas of veganism come into play , which proposes the same rights for all animals, without distinction of species or race , since questions such as “why can we eat beef but we cannot? even think about trying the dog? ». Vegans reach a point of compassion that prevents them from supporting the system of torture and exploitation necessary for what they call carnista , which includes all kinds of animal products.
Food, therefore, is not only related to a series of biological processes and cultural issues, but also says a lot about the principles of the person. More and more studies show that our body is not prepared for the ingestion of meat , at least not by nature: we do not have the claws and teeth necessary to hunt and tear other animals, and this should show us that we are, essentially herbivores.
If we understand food as an essential part of our life , then we have to try to carry it out responsibly, knowing that our physical and mental health depends on its characteristics. Although we are very used to buying industrially processed foods, we should not forget that eating is also relating to the planet , to other living beings, and it is important to do so conscientiously.
When the diet is based on the intake of meat, it is classified as carnivorous . If food is centered on plants, beings are herbivores . Those who eat meat and plants, on the other hand, are called omnivores .

Once the person or animal finishes eating the food, a process known as digestion begins in the body , which involves transforming it into nutrients. The necessary substances are absorbed by the body , while the rest is discharged through defecation.
Although we intend to eat a healthy diet, not all individuals of the same species can eat the same products. Some of the most common problems in this context are indigestion, halitosis (commonly known as bad breath ), allergies, and intolerance. For each case there are various home remedies, as well as recommendations to avoid its appearance or minimize its effects; On the other hand, it goes without saying that medicine has its own resources to deal with them, although many people prefer to opt for natural methods.
It is important to distinguish between diet (food is eaten) and nutrition (the process that takes place at the cellular level). Plants that take in the sun's rays for energy, to cite one case, resort to autotrophic nutrition .

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