What is feature film?

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What Does feature film Mean

A feature film is a movie that lasts more than an hour . The concept, therefore, is linked to the footage (from the French métrage ): that is, to the duration of the cinematographic proposal.

If the film lasts a little less than sixty minutes, it is referred to as a medium - length film . On the other hand, if the footage is very short, it is a short film . From short to long, in short, the films are ordered as follows: short film, medium-length film, feature film.
In addition to all the above, we have to establish that among the synonyms for feature film we come across terms such as film or film.
It is important to bear in mind that the average of sixty minutes to define the feature film is proposed by the Royal Spanish Academy ( RAE ) in its dictionary . There are institutions in the film industry that locate the minimum length of a feature film in forty minutes.

In any case, most of the films that are released commercially in theaters around the world are feature films. This is the format most used by filmmakers to tell stories on the big screen.
Films that can be seen on TV channels and that are available on various platforms on the Internet are also often feature films. Viewers are used to movies lasting between 90 and 120 minutes , although there are feature films that last longer than three hours.
According to the Unesco Memory of the World Register , "The Story of the Kelly Gang" was the first feature film in all of history. This silent tape, released in late 1906 , was directed and written by Australian Charles Tait and lasts just over an hour.
Other curious facts about the feature films in history are the following:

-The first full-length feature film in color to be screened in theaters was “On with the snow”, which was released in 1929. However, the first one shot and released in technicolor it was none other than "The Christmas Fair", from 1935 and which was directed by Rouben Mamulian.

-The first sound feature film in the history of cinema was "The jazz singer", which premiered in 1927 and was directed by Aland Crosland. Of course, we do not have to ignore that the first in the sound story that was filmed in Spanish lands was entitled "The mystery of the Puerta del Sol". This was shot in 1929 by Francisco Elías and tells the story of two linotype artists who dream of becoming movie actors.

-The first feature film of the horror genre was "Le manoir du diable", which dates from 1896 and was directed by Georges Mèlies.

-Among the longest feature films in the history of cinema are “Bitva za Moskvu” (1985), which lasts 5 hours and 58 minutes; "Empire" (1964), which lasts 8 hours; "The Journey" (1987), which lasts 14 hours and 33 minutes, and "Logistics" (2012), which lasts 888 hours.

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