What is feasible?

What Does feasible Mean

In Latin it is where the origin of the term feasible is found. Specifically, it derives from “feasibilis”, which can be translated as “what can be done” and which is the result of the sum of two lexical components:

-The noun “factum”, which is synonymous with “fact”.

-The suffix “-ible”, which is used to indicate possibility.

This adjective , therefore, qualifies what can be done.
For example: “We are looking for a feasible solution to the problem generated by the floods” , “I believe that a new increase in utility rates is not feasible” , “The government thinks it is feasible to reach an agreement with the unions before the end of the second quarter ” .
We have to know that among the synonyms for feasible there are words such as viable, possible, practicable, achievable or achievable, among others. As for antonyms of this term, we find words such as impossible, improbable, unrealizable, impracticable, unfeasible, utopian, unavailable, unattainable ...

The feasible is the probable , in the sense that there are probabilities or possibilities of achieving it. It is possible for a person who is in Buenos Aires to arrive in Madrid in about twelve hours, since that is the approximate time it takes for a flight between the two cities. On the other hand, it is not feasible for the individual to make the same journey in twenty minutes: there is currently no means of transport capable of traveling so much distance in such a short time.
A meteorologist, for his part, can affirm that it is possible that it will rain in a certain region in the next few days. The specialist reaches this conclusion when, when analyzing the information provided by satellites, he warns that the meteorological conditions could trigger the precipitations.
Within the business field, the term at hand is widely used. Thus, examples of this are phrases such as "This is a very ambitious business plan, but one that is feasible"; "The report presented by the department headed by Rueda establishes some measures that are feasible" or "The decisions taken are feasible and will allow the relaunch of the company."
Also in the political sphere, it is very common for the aforementioned word to be used. A good example of this are examples such as these: "The measures adopted by the government are feasible to end the problems within the educational sphere", "The opposition party has stated that the plan of cuts is not feasible to end the crisis "Or" The antiterrorist commission has met to shape a strategy that is feasible and effective. "
Sometimes the idea of ​​feasible linked to what is convenient or recommendable is used . A political analyst, to cite one case, may consider that it is not feasible for the government to raise taxes since the population, due to the economic and social situation, could become furious with the measure, something that does not suit the authorities. However, the government can decide to increase it, even if it is not an advisable measure.

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