What is fatigue?

What Does fatigue Mean

Before going fully into the meaning of the term fatigue, we are going to know its etymological origin. In this case, we can establish that it derives from Latin, specifically from "fatigue", which comes from "fatis", which can be translated as "groove" or "crack".

The concept of fatigue is used to refer to exhaustion , exhaustion , weakness or boredom . Who has fatigue, feels tired or annoying. For example: "From the second hour of play, the Belgian tennis player began to feel fatigue and his level dropped" , "After so many years of working under pressure, the executive began to drag a fatigue that did not allow him to concentrate" , "At the first symptoms of fatigue, a driver should pull off the road and stop to rest . "
The idea of fatigue often refers to discomfort or fatigue caused by physical or mental effort . The person may feel sleepy, experience various pains, or have a feeling of discomfort. Fatigue, in that sense, disappears with rest and does not leave any sequelae.

When fatigue is physical, it can usually be reversed with rest and sleep. If the fatigue is mental, it is also important to rest and sleep, although relaxation and distraction are also needed to clear the mind .
The chronic fatigue syndrome , on the other hand, is a disorder that involves having extreme fatigue that is not despite the break. In this case, the subject may suffer persistent muscle aches, headaches , memory problems and insomnia.
In the same way, we cannot ignore the existence of what is known as visual fatigue, which is the set of discomforts that are experienced after the eye has been subjected to a considerable amount of effort. That effort may mean spending many hours reading, in front of a computer screen, or studying.
Among the most common symptoms that indicate that a person has visual fatigue are the tearing of the eyes, the redness of these, blurred vision, headache or a feeling of congestion in what is the nasal bridge.
The way to alleviate these symptoms is by carrying out measures such as being in a dark room with your eyes closed, massaging the eye or temple area, applying cold to those if the eyelids or eyes are swollen. ...
However, it is necessary to be aware that to avoid suffering this type of fatigue, measures such as not having reflections on the computer screen in which you are working, having the necessary amount of light in the room where you are, and Rest your eyes regularly.
For engineering , the fatigue of a material occurs when it loses its mechanical strength due to having been subjected to repeated stress for a long time. Material fatigue causes a material to break under the influence of cyclic dynamic loads.

The material, little by little, will lose its load capacity : that is, it becomes fatigued. Small fissures in its interior advance very slowly, finally causing breakage.

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