What is fateful?

What Does fateful Mean

The Latin word fatidĭcus came to Castilian as fateful . This adjective is used to qualify that or that which anticipates an unfortunate or dire future .

The most common use of the term, however, is associated with the fatal or the adverse . Something fatal is terrible , frightening , etc.
For example: "Yesterday was a fateful day in the city as eight people lost their lives in various traffic accidents" , "Last year was fatal for the coach: he was fired from his club, a legal case was initiated for an alleged scam and got divorced after two decades of marriage " , " The fatal fire, which would have been caused intentionally, destroyed millions of forested hectares and damaged the ecosystem of a huge number of species " .

Take the case of an earthquake that ruins a large part of the infrastructure of a city, causing millions in economic losses and leaving hundreds of deaths and thousands of injured. It can be said that it was a fatal earthquake .
Sometimes the fatal is not so serious or is only negative for some. Suppose that two soccer teams compete in the final of a tournament. The match proceeds with great parity until, in the last minute of play, one of the archers (goalkeepers) makes a gross mistake and does not catch a very weak shot that should have been effortlessly saved. In this way, his team loses the game and is left without a title. The chronicles, in this context, emphasize that the fateful failure of the archer was decisive.

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