What is fat?

What Does fat Mean

The adjective fat is used to describe who is exceeded weight . A fat individual, therefore, has a high amount of fat in his body. For example: "As a boy I was very skinny, but since I got married I am fat" , "The suspect in the crime is a short and fat man with blond hair" , "The doctor told my son that he is too fat and He indicated that he should go see a nutritionist to help him lose weight ” .

For a long time being overweight was linked to an aesthetic issue . Someone fat, in this framework, could be discriminated against or be teased for their appearance. However, although these issues remain, today it is understood that excess weight is a health problem .

Although obesity is no longer associated with beauty, or at least towards that point of acceptance and respect we are walking as societies, we must not forget that the mere use of the term "fat" can be offensive and painful for those who use it. receives. In fact, referring to any physical characteristic of another person to refer to her should not be a custom that we adopt with total freedom, but only if she proposes it or ensures that it does not bother her at all.
Despite this, the use of the word "fat" as a nickname is very common. In general, it is given an affectionate tone, in confidence, between friends, but only those who have been overweight know how difficult it is to face the differences between their own body and that of the majority every day. Not being reflected in the models of beauty proposed by the film and music industries has very harsh consequences for many children, leading them to stages of various psychological disorders.
There are several reasons that can lead someone to be fat. In general, this condition is reached by the abundant intake of foods that are not healthy and by the lack of physical activity . When a person consumes high-calorie foods and does not exercise, the calories that are not burned turn into fat that accumulates in the body.
Regardless of eating habits , there are other causes why a person can develop obesity, and this makes treatment much more difficult. In some cases, it occurs due to issues related to hormones, but it can also occur due to emotional problems. Facing overweight is something especially difficult, especially at school age, because many people find this physical characteristic funny, worthy of jokes, something that negatively contributes to overcoming the problem.
Although many people gain considerable weight through no fault of their diet, popular belief always suggests that the problem is "eating too much." If we just stopped to think for a second and made an equation to calculate how much someone whose body is three times the mass of ours should eat, we would realize that such a situation would not be realistic. In fact, there are numerous cases of individuals losing tens of kilos after solving an emotional problem that was distressing them, without altering their eating habits at all.

The fat man, due to his physical characteristics, suffers a high risk of suffering from cardiovascular diseases , hypertension , diabetes and other disorders. That is why it is important to maintain a weight according to height.
Fat, on the other hand, is something very big or that exceeds the usual dimensions of its class: "I need help: I ​​have gotten into a big trouble" , "My sister is dealing with a very big problem" , "Last year I won a jackpot in the lottery . "

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