What is fascicle?

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What Does fascicle Mean

In order to know the meaning of the term fascicle, it is necessary, first of all, to discover its etymological origin. In this case, we can state that it is a cultism that derives from Latin, exactly from “fasciculus”. This, in turn, comes from the noun “fascis”, which is synonymous with “bundle” or “bunch”.

Fascicle is a term whose most common use refers to each delivery of a publication that is marketed in parts .
Often collectible works are structured in fascicles. In this way, every certain amount of time, a booklet goes on sale. The person who buys all the fascicles manages to complete the collection in question.

Selling by installments is one of the most widely used sales techniques and it is considered that it brings with it a series of advantages. Among them are that it generates expectation in the client, because every week they have to go to buy the next delivery, and, above all, that it allows them to buy the collection spending small amounts instead of having to pay a large amount of first to get it in full.
When the greatest number of issues are put on sale is in the month of September and in the month of January. Why? Because there are two moments in which the majority of the population, after recharging their batteries during the summer holidays or at the beginning of the year, establishes new purposes, goals and objectives to be fulfilled.
A publisher, to cite one case, may launch a collectible geographic encyclopedia in installments . The work consists of six fascicles: Africa , America , Antarctica , Asia , Europe and Oceania . Distributed through newsstands and magazines, the collection begins in March with the Africa issue and then continues monthly with the Americas (April), Antarctica (May), Asia (June), Europe (July) and Oceania issues.(August). Completing this geographic encyclopedia ultimately takes six months and requires the purchase of six fascicles.
In the context of anatomy , a bundle of fibers is called a fascicle . There are muscle bundles and nerve bundles, made up of different types of fibers.
A nerve , in this framework, is a set of fibers that associate in bundles through the connective tissue. In the different layers of the trunk of a nerve, the epineurium (which supports the fascicles), the perineurium (a layer that is responsible for wrapping each fascicle), the endoneurium (fascicles of collagen fibers) and other structures can be recognized.
The arcuate fasciculus , on the other hand, is called the bundle of neurons that links the posterior sector of the temporoparietal junction with the frontal lobe of the brain .

In the same way, we cannot forget either the cuneiform fascicle, which has a triangular shape and is located between what is the posterior column and the graceful fascicle. It is established that it becomes part of a series of tissues and nerves whose main mission is to send information to the arms from the spinal cord.

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