What is fantastic story?

What Does fantastic story Mean

The narrative developed to convey information about different events is called a story . Fantastic , for its part, is that linked to fantasy (the product of the imagination that is not anchored in reality).

A fantastic story , in this way, narrates events with supernatural characteristics and / or is carried out by beings that lack existence in the real world . These stories, therefore, always belong to the realm of fiction .
The fantastic stories were already present in the mythology of antiquity . Over the years, fantasy became present in different genres and literary styles, such as science fiction , adventure and terror .

In fantasy stories there are scenes and situations that cannot be found in reality : human beings that fly, animals that talk, the undead, time travel, etc. In some cases, the fantasy is developed as something natural, plausible or true within the story, while in others it appears as something irrational.
There are many readers who enjoy reading novels and fantastic stories. So much so that there are already numerous sagas of that genre that have achieved and continue to achieve great success around the world. Specifically, among the most relevant the following can be highlighted:

- "Harry Potter". British writer JK Rowling is the author of this series that has become one of the most important in the history of literature of all time. Its protagonist is a young wizard whose destiny is none other than to face the evil Lord Voldemort.

-"The Lord of the rings". John RR Tolkien is, for his part, the creator of this other saga that has become a true milestone in the fantasy genre. Orcs, hobbits, rings that grant power and fantastic races are what make it attractive.
An example of a fantastic story is the story written by Mary Shelley about the monster created by Victor Frankenstein . In his book, Frankenstein manages to give life to a creature built from the remains of corpses. The monster commits various crimes and his "father" , Frankenstein , wishes to end his existence throughout the story.
Another fantastic tale is "The Invisible Man" by HG Wells . This writer imagined a scientist who manages to become invisible from a modification of his own refractive index.
One of the most successful current authors in the fantasy genre is the American Stephen King. He has made several novels of this type, however, he has a work where he has compiled his best stories about it. We are referring to the book "Fantastic stories" (1987), which includes stories such as these two:

- "The word processor of the gods" (1983), which revolves around a child who builds a home word processor that he gives to his uncle and that will change his life forever.

- “La Playa” (1984), where an aircraft crashes on a planet where there is only sand.

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