What is faith?

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What Does faith Mean

The word faith derives from the Latin term fides and allows to name what a person or a community believes in . It also refers to a feeling of certainty and the positive concept that one has of an individual or something.

"I have faith that we will win the game" , "The only thing that kept me standing was my faith in God" , "Men of faith can achieve incredible things" , "My uncle professes the Christian faith . "
Faith, on the other hand, is the affirmation or confirmation that something is true or the document that confirms the validity of certain things ( "The clerk attested to the act" ).
In this specific case, we can underline that today there is precisely a profession whose objective is that the person who develops it has the function of attesting to wills, contracts or documents of a similar nature, following, of course, the existing regulations and laws about it in each country. We are talking about the notary.

Among the factors that intervene in faith, morality , reason and feelings appear . Moral force is spoken of when faith is driven by fear of divine punishment or by the ambition to achieve a certain prize. Rational force, on the other hand, is nourished by precepts that are mixed with proofs of times past. Finally, the sentimental or emotional force appears when faith has its starting point in a longing and contributes to improving the self-esteem of the subject.
Faith, in general, is constituted as the basis or sustenance of religions , since the faithful trust the norms that are provided to them by the religious authorities.
Thus, as we explained, it is essential that any believer of a religion have faith in the top leaders of the same, in the statements that they make and in the doctrines that they preach, because only then can they accept and abide by them. And more taking into account that any type of religion is based on elements, situations and facts that cannot be demonstrated because if you do not have faith, you will not be able to believe in everything that is praised.
All this is a good example that any religion escapes reason, since it has as its central pillars manifestations or events that cannot be scientifically explained or that are simply the result of a written tradition. In this sense, it should be noted that an example of this are the miracles that are spoken of in any doctrine, they are facts in which the faithful believe because they have faith that they have happened as they are told.
In this sense, a phrase that is used on many occasions should also be highlighted: "faith moves mountains." With this sentence what is tried to express is that if someone hopes to achieve a goal that seems impossible but believes in being able to achieve it in a forceful way, they will surely end up achieving it.
The concept of faith can be used in combinations with other words: good faith is linked to honesty and uprightness; the bad faith , however, includes wickedness and perfidy. You can also mention the errata , which are mistakes and errors recognized by a media and amended with the relevant clarifications.

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