What is failure?

What Does failure Mean

The term failure comes from the verb fail . This, in turn, refers to frustration (when a claim or project fails) and the adverse result in a business. Specifically, it is considered that this term emanates from the Italian word fail, which can be translated as "crash" or "break".

A failure is, therefore, a pitiful, unexpected and fatal event , as described in the dictionary of the Royal Spanish Academy (RAE) . On the other hand, the concept allows to name the fall or ruin of something with noise and breakage .
Within what is the denomination of failure we have to emphasize the existence of a very specific class of him that at present has become a protagonist since it worries society. We are referring to the so-called school failure, which is one that a person in question experiences when he does not get the title for which he was training and studying.

The high rates of school failure in some parts of the world are what are leading to an exhaustive analysis of this phenomenon. Thus, it has been established that it has three possible causes:

The student. His lack of motivation, having a series of learning problems to which help is not offered as well as his little or no attention during classes are some of the possible reasons that lead to him having school failure. However, we must not forget those that have to do with him and his family, such as, for example, living a complicated situation within it.
Economic and labor issues. What they do is show that you can get a job without having to acquire a degree and that is what leads many young people to forget about their studies and focus on starting work and having money.
The study system. The structure of this and the deficiencies it has are on other occasions the main causes of school failure.
In today's society , the permanent stimulus of competitiveness generates that failure is seen as a stigma . The "winners" are lofty and idolized, while the "losers" are frowned upon and forced to pay for their failures.
According to psychologists , family, school and the media should teach people to face their defeats and digest failures without trauma. Otherwise, failures impair the ability to react and affect personal well-being .
The social rejection of failure promotes a defensive mechanism in people, which leads them not to recognize personal failures and limitations. Making mistakes and not taking responsibility for them is a human inability.
It must be taken into account that specialists consider failure as an unavoidable and valuable step to be able to advance in life. Mistakes and failure allow learning .

Since the feeling of failure tends to occur in the face of unattainable goals , psychologists recommend setting consistent goals to avoid frustration and not live a situation of great stress in the face of difficulties.

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