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What Does faction Mean

In Latin it is where we find the etymological origin of the term that we are now dealing with. Exactly faction derives from “factio”, which can be translated as “part of a whole” and that the result of the sum of two lexical components:

-The verb “facere”, which is synonymous with “doing”.

-The suffix “-cion”, which is used to indicate “action and effect”.

The term faction refers to a set of individuals who share positions or ideas within an organization or group. It is, in this sense, a group that is formed within another larger group.
For example: "Control of the party was in the hands of the most progressive faction" , "A faction of the truckers' union holds a protest in front of the Ministry of Labor demanding better working conditions" , "The attack was committed by a radical faction of the movement nationalist ” .

The most common use of the concept is linked to the divisions that exist within a political party . These factions arise when the militants or affiliates have different positions and begin to unite according to their interests, without leaving the party structure. In the same political party , in this way, there may be a right-wing faction, a left-wing faction, and a moderate faction.
Thus, for example, in 2016 within the PSOE (Spanish Socialist Workers Party) two factions were established: the ruling party or sanchistas, with Pedro Sánchez at the head and who did not want to support a PP government led by Mariano Rajoy, and the susanistas or critics. These were led by Susana Díaz, they were committed to abstaining from the investiture of the aforementioned Rajoy and they also included figures such as José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero or Ximo Puig, among others.
There is also talk of faction when a group of people rebel or mutiny , promoting a revolt : "An armed faction tried to enter Congress, but was repressed by the security forces" , "We cannot allow a violent faction to attack the security and freedom of citizens ” , “ The faction that opposes the government does not stop growing ” .
Throughout history there are many examples of factions with that rebellious sense that we have mentioned. A good example of this is, for example, the War of the Succession of Castile that led to confrontations between two factions or sides: the Elizabethans, who supported Isabel la Católica to ascend to the throne after the death of her brother Enrique IV. , and the beltranejos. They supported the raising of the throne by the daughter of the aforementioned king, Juana de Trastámara, on whom the suspicion always fell that she was not actually the daughter of the monarch but of Beltrán de la Cueva.
The factions, finally, are the different parts that make up the face of a human being: "The protagonist of the brand's new campaign is a young man with beautiful features" , "This haircut can help you highlight your features" , "You should choose the makeup according to your features . "

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