What Does face Mean

The Latin word simĭlans derived from the Catalan semblant , which later came to our language as semblante . The concept is used to name the appearance or the appearance of the face of an individual, usually linked to health or mood .

For example: “I am worried about Grandpa Ernesto: he does not have a good face this morning” , “The Italian player reappeared in training with a different face after having recovered from the injury” , “The mayor’s face reflected his concern about the difficult situation political and social life in the city ” .
The notion of countenance is often used to refer to what a person transmits through their face. In this way, if an individual feels bad, is worried or experiences great anguish, it will be said that he has a “bad face” . In other words, all of these issues – physical discomfort, worry, and anguish – can be seen by looking at a person’s face.

In the same way, happiness , tranquility or satisfaction can also be sensed or assumed through the face of a subject.
Specifically, within the field of Psychology it is established that the face of a person is very useful when it comes to being able to know many aspects of it:

-The type of ideas that tend to be predominant in his head and that, therefore They come to define your personality. We are referring to, for example, if it is someone positive or negative.

-The state of mind you have at that moment. So we can know if you are sad, happy, worried, nervous …

-If you have security or not, either regularly or at that specific moment.

-If you are lying or telling the truth about what is being asked.
In addition to all that, it is considered important to know how to detect all these data transmitted by people’s faces. It is very useful for many and varied reasons:

-It allows you to develop empathy with the individual in front of you.

-Gives the possibility of being able to detect situations in which that someone is suffering, which can lead to the decision being made to be able to help them.

-It is a way of being able to find out that something is happening to that person and take the necessary precautionary measures to avoid some kind of complicated situation.

-In addition, it should not be overlooked that finding out so many aspects of someone’s face helps to make decisions, since it will be found out, for example, if they are lying or telling the truth. In this way, for example, a woman can break up with her husband if she detects that he is lying about the question he is asking about whether he has been unfaithful.
By extension, the term semblant is sometimes used to refer to the appearance of an object , a city , a plant , etc .: “With the withdrawal of the army, the nation managed to regain its usual semblance” , “The authorities reported that they will invest thousands of pesos to renew the appearance of the port area ” , “ These pines do not have a good appearance: we should consult a specialist to find out what we can do to achieve their recovery ” .