What is extra?

What Does extra Mean

Extra is an adjective that is equivalent to extraordinary (added to the ordinary or normal ). For example: “The president of the club promised an extra prize to the players if they beat the classic rival by more than two goals” , “This month we had to assume a significant extra expense due to the broken water pump” , “Le I'm going to tell Silvia to put an extra plate on the table: Diego just called, he says he will stay for dinner ” .

It is important to establish that in centuries past the term extra was used on a daily basis by young newspaper sellers. Thus, shouting "extra, extra" they were responsible for making passersby known the most unique and important news that appeared on the front pages of the aforementioned media every day.
In this sense, we could also highlight the fact that there are currently several publications that use the term extra to name themselves. Among them we would highlight the following:

• “Diario Extra.com”. Ecuador's digital newspaper composed of sections such as national chronicle, sports or entertainment.

• "Extra Diary". The Dominican Republic is, for its part, this communication medium that is currently the most sold in Costa Rica. National, International, Events, Sports and Shows are the sections that shape it.

• "Extra". It is a Brazilian newspaper with great repercussion in the country that allows you to keep up to date with everything that happens in it and outside its borders through sections such as employment, celebrities, women, television, sports or national and international news.

In addition, at present, the word that occupies us is very present in the audiovisual world. Thus, it is common for record albums or even DVDs to speak of extra content to refer to that which has been added for the enjoyment of the buyer. In this way, in a movie dvd the extras are made up of interviews with directors or actors, trailers, outtakes, deleted sequences ...
The adjective extra also allows us to name what is superior to the normal: "The great chefs prepare their recipes with extra virgin oil, since it is the best quality product" , "I want an extra large hamburger with french fries" .
The accessories of some machines and devices that are not included in the ordinary model are known as extras: "I bought a television that comes with an extra cable to connect it to the stereo" , "The collection of The Beatles offered in the record store includes an extra album with the best solo songs by John Lennon and Paul McCartney ” .
In the field of cinema, an extra is an actor who appears in the movies as a background figure . He does not have dialogue or shows his artistic skills, but instead fulfills a rather figurative role. The extras, for example, are those who act as pedestrians in the middle of the street or as soldiers in the middle of a massive battle. Some very popular Hollywood figures , such as John Wayne , Clint Eastwood and Sylvester Stallone , began their professional careers as extras.

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