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What Does extension Mean

Supletorio is an adjective that comes from the modern Latin suppletorius , in turn linked to the late Latin suppletorium which translates as "supplement" . The supplementary, according to the first meaning of the term that collects the dictionary of the Royal Spanish Academy ( RAE ), refers to what is used to supply something that is missing .

For example: "If you do not have your ID at hand, you can present some other supplementary document to prove your identity" , "The aircraft has a supplementary engine in case the main one fails" , "The organizers of the event are looking for a supplementary venue before the problems that were detected in the stadium ” .
In the legal field, it is called a supplementary right that is appealed in the absence of that primarily applicable . One default rule , in this framework, applies instead of another.

The supplementary right is given by the regulations that may govern in contexts that are not its own. This situation occurs when a specific area of ​​the legal system does not regulate a situation as it should have.
It is often said that the supplementary right makes it possible to cover a legal limbo or legal gap . When something is not regulated by a specific right , the supplementary law is used.
In the field of education , meanwhile, the idea of ​​a supplementary exam is used . This is the name of the evaluation that is taken individually to a student when he, for a justified reason, could not attend the exam on the original date. In some cases, the supplementary exam is an extra (supplementary) test that allows the student to add scores or improve their grade.

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