What is expenses?

What Does expenses Mean

From the Latin egressus , expenditures are departures or discharge items . The verb egresar refers to leaving somewhere . For example: "The departures from the bus terminal have been massive: it seems that no one will be left in the city during the summer . "

The concept of expenses, however, is closely linked to accounting ; In this case, it means the outflow of money from the coffers of a company or organization , while income means the money that comes in.
For accounting, expenses and investments are expenses.
Accounting expenses
Expenses include expenses and investments . Expense is that accounting item that increases losses or decreases profit, and always involves a financial outlay, whether it be cash or bank movements. The payment of a service (for example, Internet connection) and the lease of a commercial premises are some of the usual expenses that are part of the expenses of the companies.

Investments and costs, for their part, also involve the outflow of money ; however, these are disbursements that are made with the hope that they will translate, in the not too distant future, into income. When buying a raw material, a company makes an expense (the money leaves its box) but, by transforming said material, it becomes a finished product that will generate income from its sale. Business logic implies that these revenues must exceed expenses to be profitable.
The cash flow is an accounting statement that allows keeping track of the movements of cash and equivalents. This is a way to monitor how much money is coming out of the business and how much is coming in, which is essential during the planning stages. A company needs to control its expenses in order to meet its operational obligations.
Whoever graduates, graduates from the educational institution.
Graduation and graduate trips
At the end of their studies , young people from many parts of the world embark on a trip, in order to compensate for the efforts made during the course, as well as to enrich themselves culturally. In Argentina, this custom is called the graduate trip , while in other places it is called study or graduation (among many other names), often accompanied by the words primary or secondary .

The graduation from an academic training center is a reason for celebrations and celebrations for students of all levels, although it is not always peaceful events with tourist interests; In Western Australia, for example, there is a custom called Schoolies week , which consists of spending a whole week partying, although not without negative consequences for the community. For many, trips and end-of-year parties are the perfect excuse to do everything that is forbidden in their parents' house; sometimes the price to pay for this unbridled freedom is very high.
During graduate trips, the goals of many young people are to have sex for the first time, ingest excessive amounts of alcohol and smoke, without restrictions, without adults who have sufficient authority to prohibit any of these activities. Five days, a week or even a fortnight are not enough to destroy the body, but this does not mean that the body does not suffer after repeated alcoholic comas and the large volumes of smoke that choke its lungs.
In short, the end-of-year trip represents one more of society's many acts of hypocrisy : parents and teachers collaborate year after year in organizing a celebration that, later, they know they will fail, in which they know that the An adolescent's life will be jeopardized or changed forever, as occurs when an unwanted pregnancy occurs.

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