What is expedition?

What Does expedition Mean

Expedition , from the Latin expeditio , is the action and effect of issuing (dispatching, remitting, pursuing a cause). The expedition, therefore, can be the preparation and dispatch of certain documents or decrees. For example: "The judge has been delayed in issuing the certificates, but I believe that everything will be resolved before Friday" , "Until Dr. López Madariaga confirms the issuance of the voucher, I will not be calm" , "In ten minutes I finish issuing the documents and I am with you . "

With regard to documents, for example, we speak of passport issuance to refer to the action of granting a citizen his passport, once he has met the corresponding requirements. In this case, the completion of a form and the payment of a relatively small sum is usually required , especially considering that the validity of a passport is usually around ten years. On the other hand, every applicant must show their identity document and deliver a photocopy of it, and minors are asked to do so by their legal guardians.

In a transaction, once the agreement between the buyer and the seller has been established , and the contract has been signed or the order has been placed, the supplier must proceed to send the items through the means of transport that better adjusts to the particular needs of the purchase and the customer's instructions. In addition to the merchandise, a document called a delivery note must be sent , which is not mandatory but is very common in this type of operation.
During the merchandise dispatch process , both parties usually have access to shipping management, which is carried out on the platform offered by the company in charge of this task. To carry out this control, the normal thing is to have a unique operation code, which allows access to data such as departure date, current location of the order and potential problems along the way.
An expedition can be, on the other hand, an excursion to a distant point, usually difficult to access: "Sir Wallace Goldsmith will participate in an expedition to the Amazon with the intention of finding a wild tribe about which there is little information" , "The troops are preparing for an expedition to enemy territory" , "Two young men were injured when they were on an expedition in the middle of the Peruvian jungle . "
The term is also used to name the group of people who carry out this type of excursion: “The expedition will arrive in half an hour to the base” , “The guide reported that the expedition was very well received by the local authorities, who were interested in investigative work ” .

An expedition, on the other hand, is a collective excursion to a place with a sporting , artistic or scientific purpose : “Forty-two athletes make up the Argentine expedition that will compete in the Paralympic Games” , “The Parisian festival will have the participation of a large Uruguayan expedition ” .
From January 23 to April 11, 2013, a program entitled Expedition Impossible was broadcast on the Spanish television channel LaSiete , a contest that showed ten pairs of contestants on a trip that presented them with various physical challenges and of skill, to fight for a prize of 50 thousand euros. The location of the tour was the Kingdom of Morocco, and the points visited were the least known, the wildest, which added mystery to the expedition. The program was produced by Boomerang TV and Mediaset España Comunicación.

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