What is Exodus?

What Does Exodus Mean

In the Greek it is where we find the etymological origin of the term exodus that now occupies us. It exactly comes from the word “exodus”, which is the result of the union of two clearly delimited components:

-The prefix “ex-”, which can be translated as “outward”.

-The noun “hodos”, which is synonymous with “way”.

It is also interesting to know that this Greek word derived in Latin with the form of "exodus" and thus arrived at Castilian.
It is called exodus to exile or exile from a community.
The exodus usually occurs when a people is forced to leave their land for reasons of force majeure. In 1812 , for example, the so-called Jujuy Exodus was developed : the population of Jujuy , complying with an order from the authorities of the United Provinces of the Río de la Plata , left their city as a strategy within the framework of the struggle against the Royalist Army . Some 1,500 people, in this context, abandoned and destroyed their houses and their fields so that the advancing enemy could not take advantage of anything.

The Eastern Exodus , on the other hand, was an emigration of citizens of the Banda Oriental in 1811 . These people went to the area where Concordia ( Argentina ) is currently located , following José Gervasio Artigas .
Exodus is also called a book of the Old Testament and the Torah . This text tells how Moses freed the Hebrew slaves from Ancient Egypt and led them to the Promised Land . According to history , the Hebrew people marched through the desert for about forty years after this exodus, before reaching their destination.
It is also known as exodus to other displacements of human groups. The idea of rural exodus , in this sense, refers to the emigration of peasants to the cities in search of work and opportunities for advancement.
The lack of employment in rural areas, the low wages charged in those areas, the lack of services, the fact that farm jobs require longer working hours, or the fact that women are given little chance to find a job in those enclaves are some of the causes that propitiate the aforementioned rural exodus.
The consequences of it are varied. Thus, at the city level, it brings with it an increase in the population, an increase in prices, more competition when it comes to finding a job or that there is marginalization. On the other hand, the consequences that it generates in the countryside are depopulation, a decrease in the workforce, a reduction in unemployment and an increase in the elderly population.
Likewise, we cannot forget the existence of the film "Exodus", which is American and was released in 1960. It is based on the novel by Leon Uris, was directed by Otto Preminger and has as main actors Paul Newman , Eva Marie Saint and Ralph Richardson. It revolves around the unification of the State of Israel.

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