What is exercise?

What Does exercise Mean

The word exercise has its origin in the Latin exercitĭum . It is about the action of exercising, exercising or exercising . These verbs refer to practicing an art , a trade or a profession, although they can also refer to the fact of carrying out a certain action.

In this way, exercise can be a set of body movements that are performed with the aim of improving physical condition: "Since I exercise in the morning, I have managed to lose seven kilos . " This is the most common use of the term: therefore, when someone says simply "I'm going to do exercises," they usually mean that they will begin to do physical activities, such as jogging or doing sit-ups .

In this way, we have to emphasize that the most common thing when talking about this meaning of the term at hand is to mention what physical exercise is. This is a set of sports activities, of a muscular and skeletal type, with which not only will it be possible to achieve that improvement on a physical level but also to help to have good mental health.
Not forgetting either that exercising means improving the quality of sleep, strengthening our body at all levels, controlling hypertension or fats in the blood, as well as having well-being in cases where you have asthma, diabetes, stress due to the pregnancy…
The exercises also refer to those activities that are developed to acquire, enhance or retain some intellectual faculty : "I have to do more exercises until I understand precisely what the teacher explained . "
In this sense, an exercise is a practical work that allows the verification of the theoretical teaching: "I want you to do a writing exercise where you show that you have learned the use of B and V" , "I have not been able to solve the exercises that The teacher left us as homework ” .
In this way, it is normal that in the different classes of educational centers of different levels the teachers, once they have explained the theoretical part of a lesson, proceed to carry out exercises in class with the students so that they can better assimilate the knowledge and to that they learn to execute them properly.
In the military environment , the movements with which soldiers are trained and trained are known as exercises.
Finally, we can say that a fiscal year is a period of time in which a company or organization divides its activities, generally economic: "We have closed the last fiscal year with large losses . "
All this without forgetting that there is what is known as spiritual exercises, which are those carried out by people who, for several days, isolate themselves and temporarily move away from their surroundings and their routine to dedicate themselves to relaxing, meditating and praying. Specifically, it is common for members of different religious congregations to carry out this activity.

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