What is excellence?

What Does excellence Mean

Coming from the Latin word excellentia , excellence is a word that highlights the considerable quality that makes an individual or object worthy of high esteem and appreciation.

The notion of excellence, therefore, is related to the idea of perfection and outstanding characteristics . The term indicates that which is above the rest and that has few shortcomings or weaknesses; in the world of consumption, it may be a product of proven quality or innovative.
In the case of human beings, excellence refers to some unusual ability or ability or a talent that is difficult to match. It can also be a very high moral condition , although it is more common to find this concept in an academic context or in relation to some artistic discipline. If it is taken as a synonym of perfection, it is a dangerous term , since to achieve it it is necessary that there are no errors or people that prevent us from achieving our goal.

Pursuing excellence in some field of knowledge represents a series of sacrifices that most people are not willing to make. Figure skating, for example, is a discipline that requires starting studies at an early age, and that requires around thirty hours of training a week, all accompanied by a proper diet and rest according to the amount of exercise. If to this is added that very few manage to become great skaters, capable of living off their vocation, and that in general they must submit to countless international tournaments and competitions where a small mistake can lead to failure , it is difficult to understand how a passion can become a kind of torture.
What could be wrong with dedicating yourself completely to the development of a vocation ? Nothing. Absolutely nothing. If it weren't for that degree of determination and dedication, we couldn't marvel at Vivaldi's music or Ana María Matute's books. As long as it is a voluntary act, based on an authentic need and that allows us to fully enjoy our existence, any sacrifice in pursuit of personal growth will be rewarded handsomely. The problem begins when there are pressures, either from parents or the structure of society itself, that cast a shadow over the life of a passionate person with prizes and scores, empty goals and malicious comparisons .
However, as much as enjoying one's vocation and living it freely sounds much more beautiful and fair than enduring ruthless competitions to achieve public notoriety and, in the best of cases, excellence, the absurd complexity of the structures created by the human being makes it almost impossible to fight against these rules. On the other hand, although sometimes it is difficult for us to remember, we are all free to choose a different path , unrelated to titles and qualifications, to cultivate our talents in a spontaneous and pleasant way.

Excellence, on the other hand, is the respectful and courteous treatment given to certain subjects because of their condition, employment or dignity. In Spain , this formula is used by the nobles who hold the Greatness of Spain (a noble hierarchy): "His Excellency will enter the room in a few moments" , "This dining room was built thanks to a donation from His Excellency the Marquis of Sandoval ” .
It should be noted that this treatment can also be used to appoint judges, diplomats and other authorities: "If Your Excellency allows me, I would like to state the reasons that led me to make this decision . "
Lastly, “His Excellency” is a film released in 1967 that stars the Mexican actor Cantinflas and is directed by Miguel Delgado .

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