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What Does eve Mean

The first thing we have to establish in order to know the meaning of the term eve that now occupies us is its etymological origin. In this case, we have to emphasize that it has Indo-European origin, although the closest in this sense is Latin. Hence it derives directly from the Latin word “vespera”.

The concept is used to name the day that precedes a specific one . Typically, the notion is used to name the day before a celebration . For example: "On Christmas Eve, the government announced a salary increase for state employees" , "Campaign activities are prohibited on the eve of elections" , "The young man was calm on the eve of the attack, as highlighted his co-workers ” .
In religion , the eve refers to the day before an important holiday . This is because, for various reasons, activities start the day before. There are those who maintain that the origin of these vespers is in the first years of Christianity, when the faithful were persecuted and had to meet at night. Thus, to celebrate Passover , they got together the night before and celebrated until dawn.

La Nochebuena , in this sense, is the day before Christmas . Tradition dictates that people gather on the night of December 24 to dine with the family and exchange gifts. In this way, when twelve o'clock at night arrives (that is, midnight on December 25 ), they celebrate the beginning of Christmas .
Another important eve is New Year's Eve : the last night of the year. This eve precedes the beginning of a new year and unfolds in a similar way to Christmas Eve . The people gather with loved ones to receive, at 0 hours of the Jan. 1 , the beginning of another year.
Within the field of cinema, we find different productions that use the term at hand in their titles. This would be the case, for example, of the movie "Halloween Eve", which was released in 2013 and is part of the horror genre.
It is a film directed by Damien Leone and starring Katie Maguire, Catherine A. Callahan or Mike Giannelli, which begins when a babysitter discovers a videotape in a bag of goodies. Curiosity makes him decide to put it on and what he discovers is three stories of deaths that are responsible for a bloody clown.
That visualization will be the starting point of a series of horrifying events that will begin to happen immediately.
On the other hand, in the musical field we have to highlight the existence of a song that responds to the title of "All Saints Eve". It is a composition from the year 2000 that belongs to the Spanish group Los Suaves, led by Yosi Domínguez, and it is also the title of the album in which it is framed.

It comes to be an album belonging to the rock genre that is made up of nine songs.

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