What is eucalyptus?

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What Does eucalyptus Mean

Eucalyptus is a concept that comes from the scientific Latin eucalyptus , in turn derived from the Greek language: eû (which can be translated as "well" ) and kalyptós (which means "covered" ). A eucalyptus is a tree that is part of the myrtaceae family group.

Native to the Australian territory, the eucalyptus can reach a height of about one hundred meters. It has a straight trunk with a conical crown, lanceolate leaves, yellowish flowers and fruit with multiple seeds.
The wood and leaves of the eucalyptus are used in different ways. It is common for eucalyptus to be planted by the wood and paper industries as they grow rapidly.

This growth also invites the use of eucalyptus in reforestation plans . However, attention must be paid to ecological balance and not affect biodiversity .
The essential oil obtained from eucalyptus leaves is a disinfectant and is used to treat respiratory conditions. With this substance, candies , syrups , infusions and ointments are prepared that are also used to relieve joint and muscle pain .
It should be noted that there are different species of eucalyptus. The red gum ( Eucalyptus camaldulensis ), for example, is used for burning and to promote pollination bees. The blue eucalyptus or white eucalyptus ( Eucalyptus globulus ), meanwhile, has multiple uses.
It is important to indicate that the consumption of eucalyptus has contraindications . Possible adverse reactions include digestive disorders and respiratory problems. Its essential oil, on the other hand, is not recommended for pregnant or lactating women .

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