What is ethnolinguistics?

What Does ethnolinguistics Mean

The ethnolinguistics is a scientific discipline dedicated to the analysis of the links between language and culture . Also known as linguistic anthropology and as anthropological linguistics , it studies how language varies according to each civilization.

One of the objectives of ethnolinguistics is to investigate the relationships between the language spoken by various communities and the culture in which these peoples are immersed. It can be said, in this framework, that this field of knowledge is oriented to the relationship between a language and an ethnic group .
It is important to bear in mind that, for ethnolinguistics, the language is constituted by linguistic knowledge that allows to reflect extralinguistic knowledge. That is why a language varies according to culture .

The emergence of jargon , the establishment of taboo terms , the development of proverbs and loanwords are some of the objects of study of ethnolinguistics. It can be affirmed that ethnolinguistics considers the linguistic uses associated with ethnicity and the changes of the language according to the culture.
Another way of understanding ethnolinguistics is as the investigation of the history , development and modifications of the linguistic signs that an ethnic group uses. It should be noted that, in its historical evolution, this discipline forged different traditions.
The European tradition of ethnolinguistics was based on reflection on the dialects of Europe and their folklore. The American tradition , for its part, aimed to study the African and Amerindian languages ​​to compare them with English. In any case, there are other aspects dedicated to approaching the areas of interest from different perspectives.

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