What is esteem?

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What Does esteem Mean

The first step we are going to take is to know the etymological origin of the term esteem that we are now dealing with. About it we can determine that it is a word that derives from Latin, exactly from the verb “aestimare”, which can be translated as “judge” or “appreciate”.

The estimate is the consideration we have of something or someone . It is about the affection , sympathy or attachment that arises from the characteristics or quality of that or that which is estimated.
For example: "I have great esteem for all the people who strive every day to improve their quality of life beyond difficulties" , "Laura esteems Pablo, but does not want a formal relationship with him" , "Strengthen esteem of oneself is essential to be successful ” .

Therefore, we can determine that among the synonyms of esteem there are words such as consideration, affection, appreciation and esteem. On the contrary, among its antonyms are terms such as hatred and even contempt.
The idea of self - esteem refers to the appreciation that a person has of himself . Individuals with high self-esteem value themselves positively and trust their potential; on the other hand, those who have low self-esteem disbelieve their abilities. Having a good self-esteem is important since it favors the development of projects and ventures that require drive and energy.
In order to achieve good self-esteem, it is necessary to stop having negative thoughts about yourself, consider the mistakes that are made as opportunities to learn, find the positive qualities that you have, be clear that perfection does not exist, identify the things that they can be changed, be open to learning new things and even to change what can be achieved ...
Estimate, on the other hand, is also a conjugation of the verb estimate : to rate, to calculate, to evaluate. In this framework, the notion is frequently used to refer to a forecast or forecast: "The environmental organization estimates that the construction of the highway will destroy 20,000 hectares of native forest" , "The Ministry of Tourism estimates that more than 1,000,000 people will travel to different parts of the country during Easter " , " The fatal victims of the earthquake will be thousands, estimates the person in charge of coordinating the rescue work . "
To make an estimate , a preliminary study or analysis is usually done . If an economist estimates that a nation's exports will grow over the preceding year, he or she has likely reached that conclusion after examining various reports and statistics.
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Also, do not overlook the fact that there is also what is known as social esteem. With this, what is tried to indicate is that a person has a good image in society and is even loved, respected or admired by a part of the population.

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