What is estate?

What Does estate Mean

Even the Latin we have to leave, symbolically speaking, to be able to find the etymological origin of the term property that now occupies us. And it is that it derives from the word “praedium”, which is made up of the following parts:

• The prefix “prae”, which can be translated as “before”.

• The noun “aedes”, which is synonymous with “house or temple”.

In the broadest sense, a property is a property belonging to a certain surface area. It can be said, therefore, that the properties are lands or delimited lands .
For example: "The authorities plan to build a hospital on the property where the old airfield operated" , "Juan bought a 100 hectare property in Patagonia" , "We are going to celebrate our wedding on the property that my parents have in San Agustín" .

Generally, a property (or farm ) is an extension of land . Throughout history , the possession of land has been associated with wealth , so having a large property is usually equivalent to being rich. The value of the property, however, depends on various factors, such as its productive capacity (how much money can be obtained by commercially exploiting the land).
The properties can be delimited in different ways: with fences , fences , etc. The legal element that establishes the limits of a property and that leaves its property established is known as deed .
In fundamentally past times, also within the Law, there were two other very important types of properties. Thus, on the one hand, there was the so-called dominant property. With that term the land that had an easement was called.
On the other hand, the term servant estate was used. This referred to that land that had the peculiarity of being encumbered with an easement in favor of other lands or of another person.
However, although it was more in the past when both terms were used, today they are also present in the relevant legislation. In this way, in the case of Spain, both are included in the Civil Code.
Currently, it is possible to classify properties in different ways according to their location. An urban property is one that is located in a populated area, while a rustic property is located on the outskirts and, generally, is used for rural tasks.
It should not be overlooked also that rustic property is the name given to that house that is outside what would be the city and that has the clear objective of being a home for a person or family member. Many are the men and women who have opted for this type of home and it is because they are clear that it is a way to enjoy a better quality of life, away from the noise and pollution of large cities.

The properties can also be defined or classified according to their use. In this sense, one can speak of a sports venue ( “The tournament will take place at the Club Primavera sports venue” ), a fair site ( “The exhibition took place at the downtown fair site” ) or other types of venue.

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