What is eraser?

What Does eraser Mean

The first meaning of the term draft mentioned by the dictionary of the Royal Spanish Academy ( RAE ) refers to what it erases . It should be noted that the verb delete refers to eliminating something, making it disappear .

An eraser, therefore, can be an object that allows you to erase what is written on a blackboard , a blackboard or a sheet of paper . In the case of blackboards, the eraser is an element that has a plastic or wooden part that serves as a handle and a felt that must be moved over what is to be erased. In this way, it is possible to remove chalk or marker (marker) strokes, as appropriate.

Also it called draft to the eraser : the tool that can remove the lines made with pencil , ballpoint pen or (pen).
Draft, on the other hand, can be a provisional version of a text or a drawing . It is a sketch that is under development and that its author is modifying until it reaches the final shape that he intends to give it.
A writer can work for years on the draft of a novel. The author will add, delete and modify information at different times. Finally, when you are satisfied with the result, you can conclude your work .
Each draft can have different characteristics, both in terms of its structure and its coding. Take the case of a person who embarks on the writing of a story and decides to start writing all the ideas that come to mind, regardless of the order within the chronology of the story; Your draft is likely to be more like an outline than a narrative, with marginal annotations and perhaps also drawings to help you remember certain facts.
At the other extreme is someone who, from day one, writes the story in the most orderly way possible, as if he were building the final version letter by letter . In this case, the draft is more likely to be understood by anyone. It goes without saying that neither of them is the "right path", but rather two of the many possibilities, and each one chooses the one that best suits their way of understanding and feeling art.
In various technological tools, the virtual folder is called a draft where content is stored before it is published or sent to a recipient. Content management systems like Blogger and WordPress allow the user to save a post as a draft to continue later. An email can also be stored as a draft.

In these cases, the eraser not only allows the person to take all the time they need to find the result they were looking for in their composition , but it also serves to deal with eventual power outages. Before the implementation of drafts in email boxes, for example, if the power went out before we had sent a message we would lose it forever; Needless to say, a situation like this led to immense frustration when the text had a considerable length or content that had arisen from spontaneous inspiration.
Today it is common for both mailboxes and content management systems to offer the user the creation and saving of drafts automatically, so that they do not have to worry about these issues and can focus on the creative process. In some cases, thanks to having a draft it is possible to compare it with the current version of the document in case we have changed something that we want to recover. In this sense, the functionality is similar to that of a backup , also called backup security .

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