What is environmental problems?

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What Does environmental problems Mean

A problem is a disorder or an inconvenience that appears in a certain area of ​​life and that must be solved for normality to be restored. Problems, therefore, are difficulties or barriers that arise on the way to a goal.

Environmental , meanwhile, is an adjective that names what is linked to the environment (the physical, economic or other environment). The environment can also be understood as the atmosphere or nature in general.
The environmental problems , therefore, are annoyances or disturbances that occur in the natural environment . It can be the effect of pollution , such as an oil spill in the ocean or the release of toxic gases into the atmosphere.

The human being is responsible for environmental problems. When the disorder is caused by action of nature, it is referred to as a natural disaster (such as the eruption of a volcano).
The failure of the Chernobyl nuclear plant in 1986 is a clear example of how human activity can cause serious environmental problems. The explosion at this nuclear power plant released large amounts of europium oxide, boron carbide, uranium dioxide and other toxic substances into the environment, causing hundreds of thousands of people affected.
Fortunately, there is a growing awareness on the part of the general population that there are a number of environmental problems that must be "fought". Specifically, among the most serious current problems according to experts are the following:

-Climate change. For some specialists in the field, the human being has caused damage to the climate and the natural environment so serious that this change is already irreversible. However, it is vital that all appropriate measures are taken to reduce it as much as possible and to minimize the harmful consequences.

-Ocean acidification. Another of today's serious environmental problems is that the acidity of the ocean surface has increased alarmingly in the last two and a half centuries. Thus, it is considered that it has grown approximately 30%, and that supposes irreparable damage to aquatic species, since this phenomenon is causing serious damage to their skeletons.

-Deforestation. In the same way, it should not be overlooked that the destruction that has occurred in recent decades in terms of forests and forest masses is worrying. A situation that destroys a multitude of plant species, which destroys environmental wealth and endangers certain natural resources.
The growth of the hole in the ozone layer due to polluting emissions from various industries is another example of an environmental problem. This hole means that the ozone layer does not filter the ultraviolet rays that come from the sun , causing an increase in the risk of genetic alterations and skin cancer in humans.

Overfishing, pollution at all levels and the loss of biodiversity are other serious environmental problems that we have in the XXI century.

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