What is entity?

What Does entity Mean

From the Latin ens , ente is a philosophical concept that refers to what is, exists or can exist . An entity participates in being and has properties that, as an entity, are its own. The concept transcends the material , since an entity can be a table, a television, a lake or the square root of sixteen.

For a better understanding of this word it is very useful to use some comparisons. Just as a student is the one who studies , a lover is the one who loves and wealthy is the one who can , being who he is . The entity possesses being, although it does not exhaust all its features. It could be said that it is a particular concretion of being , with certain characteristics . The entity is a being in a concrete way.

In everyday speech, being or existing is understood as being part of the world . Although we tend to believe the statements of astronomers about the presence of bodies at distances from the Earth that are impossible to calculate for most, a normal conversation between non-scientists usually mentions beings and objects that they themselves can see and touch.
That said, it is clear that for most people, the existence of a thing is verified through the senses. The philosophy , on the other hand, questioned what things really exist, if being and existence are synonymous, and if our senses are sufficiently powerful and reliable to determine whether we face another being.
From the etymology of the word to exist, its relationship with the verb to appear follows . Delving deeper into its roots, it can be seen that it is made up of ex and sisto ; the latter is a Latin verb that can be translated as being or staying, while ex reflects the abandonment of an environment. In short, existing speaks of something that was not in this world , and that to be able to manifest itself in it had to leave its original location.
The ancient Greeks already differentiated the changing or sensitive appearance, proper to phenomena, from true existence; the latter was the object of their study for a long time, and they considered it as the cause and origin of all things. The pre-Socratic philosophers, those whose thinking was not influenced by that of Socrates, prioritized the definition of existence over the very existence of things.
More meanings
Another definition of entity refers to what has entity . An entity is a collectivity that can be considered as a unit. The term can be used as a synonym for entity to name the corporation or company that is taken as a legal entity.
In this way, one can speak of an entity as an organism or organization. For example: the National Electricity Regulatory Entity (which regulates electrical activity and controls that companies in the sector comply with regulations in Argentina ), the City Entity (which supervises the services of the city ​​of Buenos Aires ), the Ente de Turismo Rosario (which promotes tourist activity in the city of Santa Fe).

In colloquial language, an entity is an extravagant or ridiculous person : "Your cousin is an entity: I don't understand how he can go out with that hairstyle . "
The term is also part of the name of an American film: " The entity ". Its premiere took place in 1982 and deals with the story of Carla Moran, a young woman who claimed to be attacked by an invisible being, who tormented her day and night, to the point of putting her life and that of her children at risk. . Carla's terrifying experiences had been captured in a novel of the same name four years before its adaptation to the big screen, under the authorship of Frank DeFelitta.

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