What is enrichment?

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What Does enrichment Mean

Enrichment is the act and result of enriching : increasing wealth (the abundance of something). Enrichment, with different characteristics, can have a person or some type of product as the main character.

For example: "The enrichment of the businessman began in the 1970s, when he created a machine that revolutionized the footwear industry" , "I always try to consume enriched food to strengthen my defenses" , "The deputy is prosecuted for illicit enrichment since he cannot justify his fortune ” .
The idea of ​​enrichment is often used with respect to material wealth (the accumulation of money , property and other goods). In this process, an individual becomes richer through business or business success . A woman who starts a productive venture whose turnover is multiplied by ten every year becomes richer: this enrichment is linked to the good progress of her project.

In the same way, we cannot ignore that this material enrichment can also be produced thanks to fortune in games of chance. That is, thanks to participation in lotteries and draws with similar characteristics.
When someone manages to get rich at the expense of other people or through an illegal or unfair action, we speak of illicit enrichment . In some countries , illicit enrichment is a criminal offense committed by a public official when he cannot justify how his wealth increased while in office. This means that the investigated subject has to demonstrate that he acquired his goods in a lawful manner: otherwise, the opposite is concluded. If a senator earns 100,000 pesos per month and his affidavit shows that, in the last year, he spent an average of 300,000 pesos per month that allowed him to buy two cars and a house, he is likely to be found guilty of illicit enrichment.
The enrichment of a food , on the other hand, is a process that modifies the characteristics of a product so that it provides more benefits to its consumer. To the enriched flour , to cite one case, nutrients are added (vitamins, folic acid, iron).
In addition to everything indicated, we cannot ignore that there is also what is known as unfair enrichment. This is a general principle that is included in the Law and that establishes that it is prohibited that a person can enrich himself unfairly to the detriment of another.
For this situation of unjust enrichment to occur, according to the Supreme Court of Spain, the circumstance must occur that the person who has been sued has enjoyed an advantage at the patrimonial level. Likewise, the plaintiff has had to impoverish himself in a correlative way to the previous one.
Other conditions that must be produced for the aforementioned enrichment to take place are that it is not essential that the enriched person has done so in bad faith, that the aforementioned right has not been able to be enforced in any other way or that there is no rule that excepts what which is the application of the established principle.

In addition to all the above, we cannot ignore that unjust enrichment has another series of identity signs such as subsidiary character, that an unjustified result or independent action is necessary, establishing the difference between what is the action of the unjust enrichment or compensation action.

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