What is enhancement?

What Does enhancement Mean

The concept of enhancement can be used in different ways. The term allows to refer to the brilliance or splendor of something, either in physical or symbolic terms. For example: "The presence of the Uruguayan singer enhanced the festival" , "The stadium will have a greater enhancement thanks to its new lighting towers" , "The authorities seek to enhance the city as a tourist destination . "

The enhancement can also be the ornamentation that stands out on a certain object, protruding from its surface : "I like the enhancement that the dress has on the shoulders" , "On the upper part of the furniture, a wooden enhancement stood out" , "I would like the table to have some enhancement . "

It is known as satin embroidery or satin embroidery , on the other hand, a technique that was developed in the 17th century in the United Kingdom . It consists of generating a three-dimensional effect using traditional stitches, from the use of pieces of wood or fragments of fabric that are superimposed to generate a greater volume.
Within the field of sewing, there is also what is called half-enhancement embroidery, which is more frequent than the previous one. To carry it out and achieve it, two different elements can be used: the molded cardboard or the fat waxed thread.
The expression "embroidered highlight" is used to mention that someone adds circumstances or invented details when reporting an event: "The journalist embroidered the facts . "
In the field of painting, the use of the term enhancement is very common. Where appropriate, it is used to refer to the part of any object or specific element that appears represented and that has the particularity of receiving the most light.
In colloquial language, the idea of ​​enhancement is used as a synonym for underlining or highlighting . In this regard, enhance is to highlight or emphasize: "With the application of varnish, you can get a boost of color" , "A friend gave me a bra enhancement so you can show off my cleavage" , "How have you achieved this enhancement the blue hue? " .
Likewise, we cannot ignore that REALCE is the name of a platform for the Recovery of Spanish Language and Culture Teachings. It was created in 2014, in the French city of Paris, with the clear objective of being able to face the initiatives of different European governments to try to put an end to the subjects and programs that exist in their countries, seeking to end the promotion of Spanish , in all its breadth. A measure that is considered to clearly threaten the enrichment, life and culture of the children of Spanish emigrants.
In the same way, REALCE is also the name given to the Alentejo-Centro-Extremadura Educational Network, a cross-border cooperation program between Spain and Portugal that was undertaken with the clear purpose of getting students from those three areas that give it its name and belonging to ESO were digitally interconnected by means of a platform. Thus, they shared materials, activities or practices.

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