What is enema?

What Does enema Mean

The first step to understand the meaning of the term enema is to determine its etymological origin. In doing so, we discover that it is a word that comes from the Greek, since it is made up of three Greek elements: the prefix "en-", the verb "hienai", which means to throw, and the suffix "-ma", which it is equivalent to the result of an action.

Enema is a liquid medicine that is introduced into the body through the anus and is used to clean and discharge the belly . The term is also used to name the utensil with which the operation is carried out and the very action of introducing the liquid.
For example: "Yesterday they gave my grandmother an enema because she was constipated" , "The doctor who suggested that I use an enema to clean the area" , "If I continue like this, I will have to appeal to an enema even though the idea is not I like it ” .

It is possible to distinguish between two types of enemas: evacuating enemas and retention enemas . Evacuating enemas are used to treat constipation, fecalomas, or impaired stool in general. The liquid supplied is usually fast acting, generating a response in less than twenty minutes.
The retention enema , on the other hand, is designed so that the liquid introduced into the body is retained for a minimum of thirty minutes. This substance can be a medicine or a liquid that allows images of the lower intestinal tract to be visualized with X-rays to make a diagnosis. In the latter case, we speak of an opaque enema.
In order to carry out this barium enema, it is necessary to take into account a series of very important considerations:

• It will have as its object the large intestine, from the rectum to the colon.

• It is an action that has to be carried out in the hospital or any other relevant medical facility.

• For this to be done, it is essential that the patient's colon is completely empty. Hence, this individual must empty himself well with laxatives or enemas as well as a few days prior to a very exhaustive feeding of liquids. Specifically, in this diet they take special prominence from coffee to water through fruit juices, tea, consommé or gelatin.

• A probe is implanted in the rectum and through it, what would be barium sulfate, a contrast element that allows clearer images of certain parts of the body, is introduced into the person's body.

• Typically, a barium enema is performed with the clear purpose of detecting colon cancer, discovering the causes of a person's constipation, or keeping other similar pathologies under control.
A third type of enema is the clysmaphilic enema , which is not linked to medicine , but is used as part of a sexual practice.
It should be noted that there are several contraindications to the use of enemas. The people with peritonitis, appendicitis, colitis, intestinal inflammation or abdominal trauma should not use these treatments.

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