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What Does emulator Mean

Emulator is a term from the Latin word aemulātor that refers to what it emulates : that is, it imitates the operation or action of something else . The concept can be used as an adjective or as a noun .

The notion of emulator is often used in the field of computing to refer to the program that enables the execution of software on a platform other than the one for which it was created . Emulators want emulated software to work exactly the same as it did in the original architecture.
To achieve emulation, it is necessary to access the documentation of the system that is intended to reproduce or appeal to the so-called reverse engineering . The purpose of the emulator is to recreate the functionality of the software in a different environment.

The most popular emulators are those that seek to bring video games from consoles or arcade machines to a computer . Thanks to these emulators, the user of a PC can enjoy arcade , PlayStation , Sega Mega Drive or Super Nintendo video games , to mention a few possibilities.
These emulators are responsible for running a ROM image . This is a file that stores a copy of information in a Read Only Memory (in English, read only memory ; ie, ROM ), corresponding to the tape, the floppy disk or the original game cartridge.
A Sega Mega Drive or Genesis emulator on a computer can thus run the ROM image of the game “Sonic the Hedgehog” , to mark one option. This means that the person using the computer has the ability to play “Sonic the Hedgehog” as if they had the 16-bit console for which the game was developed .

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