What is emo?

What Does emo Mean

The emo is a musical style and aesthetic that comes from the hardcore punk and the alternative rock , although their sound is more melodic and slow. It is a shorthand for emotional hardcore or emo-core , as a reference to the lyrics of the songs (which address emotions and moods).

Beyond music, with references such as My Chemical Romance , emo has become a kind of urban tribe , being a movement of belonging and identification for many adolescents.
The emo try to reflect their feelings through aesthetics and costumes. They are usually very thin, those who are not tall use platforms and they all put on makeup to appear pale .

Another characteristic of emo is their hairstyle , which covers a large part of their faces since they declare themselves antisocial and do not like to be seen. The hairstyle also reflects that existence is gloomy and sad.
Because they think of the world as a degrading place, emo live in a permanent state of depression . They even flagellate themselves with small cuts on their arms, so that the pain they feel is marked on their bodies.
On the other hand, the emo aesthetic is ambiguous from a sexual point of view . Men and women dress similarly and wear the same hairstyles. Among the accessories and decorations they use on their garments, there are skulls, broken hearts and figures from The Strange World of Jack , the film directed by Tim Burton .
With regard to the similarities between the appearance of men and women, this also carries over to their behavior . Traditional social impositions lead us to distinguish between heterosexual men and women according to the way they dress, speak, walk and even think. While not everyone embraces this archaic and arbitrary division, which leads us to accept that men play soccer and women buy clothes, it is still too early to say that we live in an open world. Therefore, it is common to hear that emo men are "effeminate."
This appreciation, which for many can be an attack, responds to something that is actually admirable: they make us believe that women are more sentimental than men; therefore, being effeminate is being in touch with one's own feelings more than social barriers allow us. Since the emo stream gives an unquestionable priority to the emotional plane , there is no doubt that its male representatives do not hide their feelings.

As mentioned in previous paragraphs, the most common attitude in people who are part of this subculture or urban tribe is that of externalization of suffering , and this does not arise in a capricious or arbitrary way, but rather is generally a response to certain facts. or situations that marked his past. For example, there are many cases of emos who have had dysfunctional families, parents who do not understand them or who do not support them emotionally; This results in them not being able to connect with their peers in adolescence, and in this way they begin to fall down a spiral of rejection and darkness.
It is unfortunate that society does not offer them the space that by right we should all have, but that they continue to reject them even in their adulthood. In other words, these people are inclined towards a movement that promises them to feel integrated for the first time, after very difficult childhoods and adolescents, but the world does not accept them but feeds those very negative feelings that hurt them from the beginning. Despite this, little by little humanity takes small steps towards respect for diversity.

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