What is emerged relief?

What Does emerged relief Mean

The relief is that which modifies a flat surface through depressions and elevations. The forms that are noticed in our planet form the terrestrial relief , within which it is possible to distinguish between oceanic relief and emerged relief .

The oceanic relief is linked to those accidents that are found at the bottom of the seas. The emerged relief , on the other hand, develops on the surface level (that is, on the level of the sea ).
In general, every time the idea of ​​relief is referred to in a geographical sense, the emerged relief is mentioned. After all, the mountains , the ranges , the canyons and the plains that we observe with the naked eye are part of the emerged relief. The oceanic relief, for its part, can only be observed through images obtained with different technical means, since it is inaccessible to ordinary people.

Based on all this we can establish that the emerged relief is composed of elements such as these:

-Mountain, which is responsible for achieving all the prominence on a surface in which it is located and in its surroundings due to the height it has.

-Plain, which does not exceed 200 meters in height.

-Meseta, which comes to be an elevated plain and which also responds to the name of plateau.

- Knife, which is a mountain that has the peculiarities of being narrow and long.

-Cordillera, which is a set of mountain groups that have great heights and also notable extensions.

-Sierra, which is defined as a small mountain system.
Mountain ranges, depressions, hills or peaks are other fundamental elements that shape the emerged relief that exists on our planet.
The irregularities that we notice on the earth's surface make up the emerged relief. It is the result of geological processes that take place over thousands or millions of years, ranging from earthquakes to the activity caused by volcanoes, passing through different kinds of erosion .
The human being , for his part, also modifies the relief emerged through different infrastructure works or productive activities . A community may decide to use explosives to cut a mountain pass and build a road suitable for cars and trucks.
Finally, it is usual for the emerged relief to be used as an economic resource , promoting tourist activity or promoting crops according to the characteristics of nature .
One of the emerged reliefs that is considered the most important in Spain, for example, is the island of Cabrera, which is part of the Balearic archipelago. The clean and clear waters that surround it give it a spectacular beauty, which is considered to be one of the best preserved natural enclaves in the world.

It is identified because both in it and in its environment there are more than sixty different species of algae, more than two hundred fish, mammals that are in danger of extinction such as the monk seal and a great variety of plants. Among this, the pines, rosemary, heather or woody-type shrubs stand out.

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