What is emblematic?

What Does emblematic Mean

The first meaning of the emblematic adjective mentioned by the Royal Spanish Academy ( RAE ) in its dictionary refers to that which is linked to an emblem . Emblem is called, meanwhile, what symbolically represents something else .

The emblematic, in this way, is representative or significant . For example : “The emblematic rock band will offer a concert with free admission to celebrate a new anniversary of national independence” , “We cannot allow them to demolish an emblematic building in the city such as the San Roque Theater” , “The emblematic model of the Italian manufacturer turned fifty years old ” .

The idea of ​​emblematic can be used to describe an object, something abstract (not physical) or even a person. An emblematic construction , in this framework, has great importance in a certain locality. Suppose that, in a town, there is a train station that is a century old. This structure, due to its history , is emblematic.
In the field of sports , it is common to talk about emblematic matches , which acquire that name due to their importance. The triumph of the Argentine basketball team ( basketball ) over the United States in the 2002 World Championship was emblematic as it marked the first defeat of a North American team made up exclusively of NBA players .
An iconic individual , finally, may represent an artistic discipline, a style or genre for his outstanding career. Madonna , in this context, is an emblematic figure of pop thanks to the millions of records she sold throughout her career.

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