What is elm?

What Does elm Mean

The Latin word ulmus arrived in Castilian as elm . This is the name of a tree that is part of the family group of the ulmáceas .

Elm trees have a solid trunk with thick bark. In its thick crown, there are abundant leaves with both green faces and flowers with a whitish or reddish hue. Elms also have nuts that have oval-shaped seeds .
With a height of up to twenty meters, elms are abundant in the Spanish territory . Although they are more frequent in the northern hemisphere, they have also reached countries in the southern hemisphere through cultivation.

Other information of interest about the elm are the following:

-It is a deciduous tree.

-It is very well appreciated for the good shade it offers.

-Its bark is highly valued and is used in different sectors. Thus, for example, it is used both to shape infusions and to create tinctures of various kinds.

-The place that is full of elms responds to the name of olmedo.
Elm is widely used in the field of health, through its different parts, because it has an important series of beneficial properties. Among them we can highlight the following:

-It is considered that it improves the quality of life of people who suffer from cancer.

-Helps to significantly reduce the symptoms of those who suffer from irritable colon syndrome.

-It is a good remedy against constipation, but also against diarrhea

-In the same way, it is considered very useful to deal with all kinds of wounds and burns.

To all that must be added that it is effective against coughs, bladder infection, herpes, rheumatism, toothache and even syphilis or certain stomach ulcers.
It is important to note that the world's elm population has declined dramatically due to graphiosis , a disease caused by a fungus. This organism enters the xylem vessels and as it expands it causes the leaves to wither until the tree dies.
The beetles are the vectors that spread the DED. This insect usually carries the spores of the fungus in its body, taking them from diseased elms to others that are healthy. To control the pest, various strategies have been implemented, such as the use of insecticides and the removal of dead trees.
It should be noted that we can find the term Olmo (or Olmos ) in the name of many cities , such as Olmo de la Guareña ( Spain ), Olmos (there is a town with this name in Peru and another in Uruguay ) and Olmos Park ( United States ) .
Finally, Luis del Olmo Alonso - better known as Olmo - is a Spanish graphic humorist and journalist who created the character Don Celes , the protagonist of a famous comic strip.

In the same way, we cannot forget the Mexican actress Marisol del Olmo (1975), known for her roles in series such as “Esperanza del corazón” and “Pasión” or in films such as “Damas y caballeros” (2011).
Finally, it must be emphasized that there are numerous cultural works that use the term at hand in their titles. This would be the case, for example, of the book "The Secret of the Elm" (2019) by Tana French.

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