What is elitism?

What Does elitism Mean

The elitism is a tendency, a stance or system that defends and promotes the interests or vision of an elite (or elite ). This means that it is a predisposition to favor the tastes and opinions of a select minority .

With elitism, those who make up an elite manage to impose their position on different issues, even on those issues that affect the entire community or groups that are not privileged. Elitism takes the elite as a set of individuals who are "superior" to the rest of the citizens in intellectual, cultural and moral terms, with which they have the "right" to decide on the rest.

While the people are singled out as vulgar and uneducated, the elite enjoy a higher status . In this way, elitism implies a confidence in the designs of the ruling class, supposedly capable of promoting the progress of a nation without losing any type of privilege.
In colloquial language , the notion of elitism has several shades and meanings. It is sometimes used to refer to the attitude of contempt for the majority opinions and preferences . An intellectual who does not watch television and belittles all viewers is an exponent of this elitism.
The concept is also used in reference to a context where the elite enjoy advantages that other members of society do not have. A club that only accepts members of a certain income level and with a certain educational level is an elitist institution.

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