What is electric power?

What Does electric power Mean

The ability to initiate movement or transform something is known as energy . The concept is also used to refer to resources of natural origin that can have an industrial purpose through the use of certain associated technologies.

On the other hand, electrical (from the Latin electrum ), is what deals with or is related to electricity . It is, according to experts, an essential property that is characterized by the repulsion or attraction that is generated between the portions of a matter, according to the presence of protons (positively charged) or electrons (whose charges are negative).

The energy of an electrical nature is the type of energy supported by this property that arises from the potential difference between a pair of points . This difference allows an electrical current to be established (that is, a flow of charge that passes through the entire structure of a material) between the two.
The body is known as an electrical conductor that, when in contact with another that is charged with electricity, manages to transmit it to all corners of its surface. The usual thing is that electrical conductors have free electrons that allow the movement of charges.
It should be noted that electrical energy can be converted into light ( light energy). When a switch is actuated, the movement of electrons through the conductive wire is prompted and an electrical circuit is closed .
It is important to bear in mind that electrical energy can be generated in multiple ways and reflected in a dynamo if it is a continuous current or in an alternator in the case of alternating currents .
One of the ways to obtain electrical energy is through sunlight , using special panels that are publicly known. This technique has been around for decades, and has been used in different settings. In the 1980s and 1990s, for example, so-called "solar calculators" became very popular, given their ability to operate without the need for batteries. However, its use required a considerable light source and the charge was usually short-lived.
On the other hand, many houses are supplied with energy from the sun to generate electricity and, although some try to hide or deny it , this has been possible for a long time. Germany is a country that is committed to this procedure, and its advances in the field are essential so that we all understand that it is not a matter of using an hour of electrical appliances a day; On the contrary, obtaining solar energy is a cleaner process, respectful with nature and, when the necessary money and dedication is invested in its research, as much or more efficient than the nuclear method, not counting the invaluable increase in terms of to safety .

Having said all this, it is important to understand that electrical energy is not necessarily harmful to the planet, but that the traditional way of obtaining it causes mistreatment to the ecosystem and a series of dangers that it is not necessary to face, given the help of the solar star.
Despite its widespread use and utility, electrical energy can be dangerous since, in contact with humans , it can cause death by electrocution. Certainly, our evolution has turned us into a species incapable of subsisting without the help of artificial light or heating, without the shelter of a house (generally built by other people) or without medicines, among many other things that force us to consider essential, such as animal meat. What would become of us if the power supply were cut for just one month?

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