What is elasticity?

What Does elasticity Mean

Before entering fully into the establishment of the meaning of the term elasticity, we are going to know its etymological origin. In this case, we can state that it is a word that derives from Latin, comes specifically from “elasticus”, which, in turn, emanates from the Greek “elatostikos”.

The elasticity is the property of that or one that is elastic : that is, it can stretch without breaking and then regain its shape . The idea also refers to what accepts various explanations or interpretations and what has the power to adapt to different circumstances.
In the field of physics , elasticity is the quality of materials that, when subjected to the influence of an external force, deform, but regain their original shape once said forces are eliminated. The deformation of the elastic elements, therefore, is not permanent, but reversible .

A rubber band or elastic band , for example, can be stretched with your hands. If the person stops using that force, the rubber returns to its original state. Ultimately, it can be said that this object has elasticity.
In the field of physical exercise we speak of muscular elasticity. Specifically, it establishes the need to carry out activities that improve those in order to achieve elongation of the muscles and also to achieve a greater range of movements.
Starting from this, we can establish that this objective can be carried out with different methods such as dynamic liabilities, static liabilities, dynamic assets and static assets. These can be done as stretches before any physical activity and also after it has been carried out.
Thanks to all these exercises in favor of muscular elasticity, other important benefits will be achieved, such as the following: -

Considerably reduce the risks of suffering an injury.

-It also helps to improve body posture.

-It goes without saying that they are also very useful to reduce muscle discomfort that can be felt.

-In this list of advantages of exercises for the aforementioned elasticity we cannot fail to include the one that improves both muscle coordination and blood circulation.

-They contribute to generating a feeling of physical well-being

-Improve in a forceful way what is physical performance.
In the field of medicine , elasticity is linked to the changes that are registered in a variable from the modification of another variable . This is the percentage change in a variable X to variable Y .
To measure elasticity, both variables must be linked through a certain dependency relationship , which causes changes in one of them to affect the other. Take the case of the number of cell phones (mobile) sold and the price of these devices: as the price increases, the sales decrease, since the sales depend on the price. This type of analysis is known as elasticity of demand .

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