What is ego?

What Does ego Mean

The ego is, for psychology , the psychic instance through which the individual recognizes himself as me and is aware of his own identity. The ego, therefore, is the point of reference for physical phenomena and mediates between the reality of the external world, the ideals of the superego and the instincts of the id.

Freudian psychoanalysis to the this ( id ) comprises desires and impulses. The superego ( superego ), on the other hand, is formed by morality and the rules that a subject respects in society . The I ( ego ), finally, is the balance that allows the man to meet their needs within the social parameters.

Although some currents reject this division of the mind into three differentiated persons, for Sigmund Freud the human personality is composed of both the conscious elements and the unconscious impulses.
The ego, which evolves with age , tries to fulfill the wishes of the id realistically and reconciling them with the demands of the superego. The self, therefore, changes with the passage of time and according to the external world.
Freud believes that the ego transcends the sense of oneself to become a system of psychic functions of defense, intellectual functioning, synthesis of information and memory, among others. The self is the first step from self-recognition to experience joy, punishment, or guilt.
Another of the many authors who have worked and studied about the self and the ego is the French psychoanalyst Jacques Lacan, who came to establish that, from his point of view, it came to be an alienation for the human being himself. And it is that the individual sees himself at all times in his ego, without forgetting either that the formation of the ego occurs at first within what would be a triangle formed by his mother, the individual himself and the object a.
Finally, in colloquial language, the ego is often referred to as excess self - esteem . For example: "This actor has so much ego that, at some point, he will hit a wall . "
In addition to all the above, we cannot ignore the fact that there are two widely used words in our language that are precisely based on the word ego. On the one hand, we find the term egomaniac, which comes from the Greek, and which comes to define a person who practices egotism, that is, who has an exaggerated love of himself.
On the other hand, there is the word selfish which, in the same way, is an adjective that is used to refer to every individual who not only has excessive love for his own person but also makes him be aware at all times of your own interest without taking into account that of the other people around you.

It should also be noted that ego is the name given to an important area of ​​the world of fashion. Specifically, we can establish that EGO is a platform for young talents that takes place every two years within what is the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in Madrid.

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