What is educational quality?

What Does educational quality Mean

Before proceeding to know the meaning of the term educational quality, it is necessary to discover its etymological origin. Specifically, this is what the two words that give it shape have:

-Quality, in the first place, comes from Latin, exactly from “qualitas”. This word is the result of the sum of three components: the interrogative "quae" (what); the suffix “-alis”, which indicates “relative to”; and the suffix "-tat", which indicates quality.

-Educational, secondly, we can also say that it is a word that comes from Latin. It is the result of the sum of several components of that language: the prefix “ex-”, which indicates “outwards”; the verb "ducere", which is synonymous with "guide" and the suffix "-tive", which is used to indicate a passive or active relationship.

The concept of quality refers to the characteristics that are specific to something and from which it is possible to estimate its value. When these characteristics are positive or beneficial, it speaks of good quality. Educational , for its part, is what is linked to education : the teaching and learning process that enables a person to be instructed.

The idea of educational quality , in this framework, refers to how this training process is carried out . When the results and effects of education are positively valued by the community , educational quality is high. On the other hand, when this does not happen, the educational quality will be classified as low.
There are multiple factors that affect educational quality. In addition to pedagogy , which is related to how it is educated, issues such as the type of content , the facilities where it is taught (the classroom, the school building, etc.) and the validity or usefulness of the degrees awarded influence .
In the same way, it must be

borne in mind that a system is considered to have an undeniable educational quality when it meets these other characteristics: -Promotes change and modernization in classrooms.

-Get the educational community in general to get involved.

-It adjusts to the needs of the students so that they can reach the tools and resources to achieve their academic progress.

-Vela, in the same way, for the well-being of the teachers and worries about their motivation.
Good educational quality is achieved when the processes satisfy the needs of the individual and of society in general. This is achieved if the resources are sufficient and are also used appropriately so that education is equitable and effective. If an adolescent completes secondary education and does not have the necessary knowledge to successfully pursue a university career or to enter the labor market, they will have been the victim of a system with poor educational quality. On the contrary, if the school prepares the student to face the challenges of adult life, the educational quality will be worthy of note.

Based on all the above, we have to indicate that two of the systems with the highest educational quality in the world are considered to be Finnish and Danish.

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