What is ecotone?

What Does ecotone Mean

The space where the transition between two different ecosystems or biocenoses occurs is called an ecotone . This means that in the ecotone there is great biodiversity , with species from the two adjacent ecological communities gathered in the same place.

The transition between communities can be gradual or abrupt . In the second case, a boundary that is called an edge can be recognized . The species present in the ecotone are said to be in tension due to the intense interaction between ecosystems and the great exchange of energy.
An example of an ecotone is the region where a desert and a savanna meet. Animals and plants from the desert and the savannah coexist in this type of ecotone , and species that do not belong to either of the two ecosystems may even appear.

The wetlands also are usually established as ecotones. In this case, it is the area where an aquatic ecosystem meets a terrestrial ecosystem.
It is important to mention that an ecotone can extend hundreds of kilometers. Its formation is linked to the intervention of various variables, such as topography and climate .
Due to their biological diversity, ecotones are very important for the planet . That is why its preservation is essential to conserve the world's natural wealth.
The Association Ecotono , finally, is an organization based in the city of Madrid ( Spain ) dedicated to promoting sustainable development and environmental education. This entity offers various workshops and courses and has a digital library.

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