What is dust?

What Does dust Mean

The term powder comes from the vulgar Latin pulvus , in turn from pulvis . In its broadest sense, a very small solid particle is called a dust .

It is usually spoken of dust to refer to the portion or fragments resulting from an element that was crumbled, crushed or ground . The use of powders is common in the field of gastronomy .
The garlic powder , for example, is made with dehydrated garlic. To prepare it, it is first necessary to make the garlic lose its moisture. For this, the teeth must be cut into slices and placed in the oven . Once the garlic is dry, it can be powdered with a grinder, blender, or food processor.

Although the original and fresh product retains its properties in greater proportions, both its medicinal effects and flavor, garlic powder is a perfectly acceptable alternative to season certain dishes in which we want this ingredient to be non-invasive, and also to leave of the step if we do not have natural garlic. As in everything, diversity is never a negative thing: everyone can choose the option they like the most, the one that offers their preferred results.
The cocoa powder , meanwhile, is obtained milling the cocoa beans then enter the result in an alkaline solution to lose fat. The milk powder , meanwhile, is produced from the dehydration of pasteurized milk.
These products are used very frequently in the gastronomic industry but also in the home. In fact, cocoa powder is often mixed with milk to prepare the so-called chocolate . With regard to powdered milk, it is frequently used to flavor certain infusions, such as tea. It is not so common for both powdered products to be combined, but it can be done without any problem.
One of the advantages of powdered food products is that they last longer than the originals. Since its expiration date is longer, it can be safely stored and used freely for several weeks or months. This can be useful on more than one occasion; For example, if we need large quantities of the same product because we use it daily, the powder version results in a lower volume when storing it and fewer trips to the store to buy it.
Dry soil that disintegrates and usually rises in the air is also called dust . By extension, the set of solid particles that move in the environment is called dust.

The dust that is in the atmosphere , coming from the ground or from various industrial activities, blows by the action of the wind. It can cause various health disorders, especially affecting the lungs .
Maintaining the cleanliness of the home or any facility requires, among other things, the action that we commonly call dusting . It is necessary to point out that when cleaning one surface we cannot avoid "dirtying" another: we remove it from a table and it falls to the floor, and so on. In this way, the objective we pursue is to pass it from one place to another until it ends up in a waste bag or outside a building, depending on our needs.
Finally, in the field of cosmetics , powder is a product used for makeup . It comes in various shades and serves to color the cheeks. It should not be applied directly to the skin, but on top of others, generally wet and pasty.

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