What is drunk?

What Does drunk Mean

The term drunk could derive from morratxa , a Catalan word that refers to a bottle or vessel . Drunk is an adjective that describes the person who is drunk or who reaches this state frequently.

For example: “You are drunk again! I will not allow you to sleep in my bed ” , “ A drunk driver ran over five people at the exit of a party ” , “ I was a drunk for twenty years, but with the support of my family I was able to recover ” .
It should be noted that drunkenness or drunkenness is a physical and mental alteration that is generated when an individual consumes alcoholic beverages in excess . That is why the drunk or drunk individual can also be called an alcoholic when this disorder is common in him.

A subject who is drunk suffers from alcohol intoxication . This occurs when an amount of alcohol enters the bloodstream that the liver cannot metabolize. Poisoning can cause redness of the skin, difficulties in maintaining balance, problems coordinating movements, nausea and vomiting. When alcohol poisoning is acute, it can lead to death as alcohol drives a central nervous system depression.
The drunkard, in a first stage, can feel euphoric and uninhibited . That is why many people drink alcoholic beverages for social purposes. It should be noted that, although its sale and consumption are legal in most countries, alcohol is a drug that causes addiction.
The use of alcohol in certain recipes makes certain foods or food products are classified as drunk: Baba , cake drunk , bizcochuelo drunk , etc.
On the other hand, there is a tree called ceiba speciosa , which is known in everyday speech as palo borracho . Its leaf is deciduous and comes from the tropical and subtropical jungles of the South American continent. In addition to this common name, it is also called toborochi, bottle tree, rosewood, female Lupuna, samohú and wool tree. In its family we also find the kapok and the baobab , and another tree of its kind, the ceiba chodatii is also known as palo borracho .
Its most outstanding characteristic at first glance is the shape of its trunk, which resembles a bottle ; In general, its lower third is much wider than the rest of the structure, with a diameter that can reach 2 meters. There it stores the liquid it needs in times of drought. Regarding its height, the normal range is between 6 and 12 meters, but there are several specimens that have reached 25 meters.

Another characteristic that stands out is that it has a series of conical stingers of considerable thickness that serve to protect it. The color of its trunk is green in the youngest, since they have large amounts of chlorophyll ; Thanks to this, the drunken stick can photosynthesize even without its leaves. As it becomes an adult, it begins to be covered with cracked and rough streaks of a darker color.
The branches of the drunken stick also have many stingers that protect them; its orientation is usually horizontal, and its leaves have between 5 and 7 extensive leaflets. The flower that this tree produces is very particular: in the center it is white and turns pink as it reaches the periphery of its petals; Its diameter is between 10 and 15 centimeters and it has an appearance similar to that of the hibiscus flower.
Both hummingbirds and monarchs pollinate it, as its nectar is especially attractive to them. In the lower latitudes, the palo borracho has flowers all year round, while in those greater than 30 ° they only grow between January and June.

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