What is drill?

What Does drill Mean

Broca is a term that comes from the Latin word broccus , translatable as "dentex" (which has large teeth). The concept has several uses, although it often refers to the drilling instrument that makes holes possible .

A drill bit, known as a wick in different South American countries , is an auger : a metallic device that, at its tip, has a spiral thread. When the bit is placed in a drill or similar machine, it allows drilling of various surfaces.
There are multiple types of drill bits, linked to the material to be drilled. The tip , the spiral, the size and other characteristics vary according to the need.

With use, the bits wear out . That is why it is necessary to sharpen them from time to time or even replace them.
It is also called the nail bit used by shoemakers to secure the sole of the shoe in the last while they are doing a job. Another meaning of the notion recognized by the Royal Spanish Academy ( RAE ) in its dictionary refers to Hypothenemus hampei , an insect that is considered a coffee pest.
The Frenchman Paul Broca (1824-1880), on the other hand, was a prominent anthropologist and physician who discovered the center of speech in the brain . This sector, located in the frontal lobe, is currently known as Broca's area .
In the area of Broca language it occurs. Therefore, if an injury is sustained in this place, the person may register problems in verbal expression and fluency.
The index Broca finally, is a formula proposed Broca to establish the body mass reference of individuals according to their height. The Broca index is calculated as follows: Weight = Height - 100 , contemplating +/- 10% in men and +/- 15% in women in the values that are considered averages.

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