What is dreamlike?

What Does dreamlike Mean

Oneiric comes from a Greek word that can be translated as "dream . " It is an adjective that is used to name what is linked to the world of dreams . For example: “I have read enough tonight: I am going to surrender to the dream universe” , “I always write down my dreams so I keep track of my dream activity” , “I had a dream premonition and I played the lottery… but my number did not come out drawn ” .

Beyond what specifically happens during a dream, the notion of dream is also used to qualify what seems unreal (and, therefore, that could be part of a dream): “The sun setting in the sea and the dolphins playing in the water created a dreamlike landscape ” , “ When leaving with the child in the arms of the burning house and raising his thumb, the firefighter offered a dreamlike image to the journalists who covered the situation ” , “ With 45 points, 16 rebounds and 11 assists, the Chicago Bulls player had a dreamlike performance ” .

Within the scope of literature, the term at hand is very often used. Thus, in particular, we can determine that it is usually spoken of the so-called dream world. This we can say that it is the universe that an author creates with the clear objective that the reader of the work can know what any of the characters dreams of. In this way, you can see that the protagonist's problems are reflected in dreams, through all kinds of situations marked by sadness, loneliness or isolation.
It must also be stated that, within any narrative, it is also common for the term dream world to be used to indicate those situations and experiences of the figures that refer to states of madness or fever.
This type of world "faces" in literature others that also come from the author's pen. This would be the case of the mythical world, the fantastic, the utopian, the everyday or the realist, among others.
Within painting the term we are addressing is also used. Thus, for example, there are several authors who are inevitably associated with that word. This would be the case of the Spanish artist Salvador Dalí, who is considered the dream painter par excellence. Why? Because his paintings reflect such a degree of fantasy and surrealism that they are considered by some experts that they could only have been the result of dreams. Among the works that best represent these are "The Temptation of Saint Anthony" or "Inaugural Chicken Meat."
The onirismo , on the other hand, is a disorder of consciousness that leads to a person to lose their position in the real plane, mistaking similar fantasies to dream with reality. In these cases, the subject has hallucinations that seem typical of the dream plane and that lead him to mix the imagination with the real.
When the visual hallucination is accompanied by other sensory disorders (such as hearing sounds that do not exist), we speak of a dream delusion . This can be caused by a variety of causes, from drug use to exhaustion to high fever or infection.

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