What is dominant trait?

What Does dominant trait Mean

A trait is a characteristic or property that is distinctive. Dominant , meanwhile, is an adjective that is used to qualify what dominates: that is, it imposes itself.

It is called dominant trait , therefore, the quality or peculiarity that predominates in something or someone . The expression can be used in different domains.
In the field of photography , the dominant feature of an image is the first perception it generates in the observer. It may be the order of the elements portrayed, the texture, the color or another particularity that stands out.
In this case, it must be taken into account that the dominant trait is subjective . What stands out for one individual may be different from what stands out for another. The important thing is to know that, before a viewer, every image has a dominant feature.

The dominant personality trait , on the other hand, is one that sets the behavioral trend of a human being . From this dominant trait, it is possible to infer how someone will act in certain situations.
If introversion is the dominant personality trait of a young man, to mention one possibility, he may be expected to converse little in a social gathering where there are many strangers. When the dominant trait is submission , meanwhile, the subject abides by the commands of the rest without further questioning or questioning.
For biology , finally, the dominant feature is the manifestation of the dominant allele in a phenotype . Regarding a gene, an organism is homozygous if the two alleles are responsible for encoding the same information.

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