What is docile?

What Does docile Mean

Someone tame is disciplined, submissive, or calm . In general, this adjective from the word docĭlis is used to describe someone who is easily indoctrinated, instructed or subjected .

For example: “He is a very docile boy, he never questions the orders we give him” , “My grandfather is a docile patient who undergoes treatments without protesting” , “The president dreams of having a docile parliament, but the opposition is ready to fight ” .
The development of society is based on compliance with a relatively complex series of rules , which regulate our behavior to prevent us from straying from previously drawn lines. If we all do what is expected of us, that is, if we are docile, then we become useful individuals for our community and thus allow it to grow and enrich itself. If, on the contrary, we make decisions that are contrary to the common ones, we put the order at risk, even if it is to replace it with a better one.

Put this way, being docile can have a negative connotation, since it is synonymous with "not questioning ideas" or "ignoring one's own." Throughout our growth , docility is more common in childhood and adulthood than in adolescence, although the reality of each individual may be different.
When we are 100 percent dependent on our elders, we tend to be less resistant to their directions, despite the many mischief we can do. In adolescence, on the other hand, we begin to have more power , and that allows us to question certain ideas of our elders without caring so much about the consequences. Once we reach youth and, later, adulthood, when we no longer have that unconditional protection but are responsible for our own lives, it is normal for us to leave behind arrogance in pursuit of a more open attitude.
Many times the person or organization is said to be docile that obeys the instructions of the powerful without making any objection. The docile press is known as all the media and journalists related to the ruling party: they do not publish news that negatively affects the image of the rulers, hiding negative economic statistics, keeping silent about corruption, etc. The independent press , on the other hand, is not tied to the will of the government, but has the freedom to make known the facts that it considers important, regardless of who they may harm.
When docility threatens freedom , there is no way to defend it, and that happens with the docile press, which hides or misrepresents reality driven by certain interests, regardless of the damage it may cause to millions of people. In fact, a journalist who does not tell the truth also harms himself, because the political leaders whom he conceals are not leading the country towards progress and, sooner or later, that will work against him, if they do not. they betray before.

The idea of docile is often used with respect to animals that have good character and temperament . A docile dog , to cite one case, is one that is not aggressive and that responds to the indications of the people who breed it. A docile horse , on the other hand, can be ridden without great effort.
The concept can even be applied to objects. A docile car is easy to drive thanks to its technical characteristics . The same can be said for a tame motorcycle .
According to the dictionary of the Royal Spanish Academy ( RAE ), stones and metals that are docile can be worked without effort. Due to its elasticity, copper can be identified as a compliant material.

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