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What Does divan Mean

The term pelvi dēwān passed into classical Arabic as dīwān , which in our language derived from divan . This is the name of a type of seat with an elongated structure that usually lacks a backrest and is used for a person to lie down.

In the days of the Ottoman Empire , the upper council that administered justice and was in charge of various state affairs was called a divan. The room in which these councilors met, which had elongated seats located along the walls, was also called a divan. Eventually, by extension, the notion of the couch began to be associated with the seats in question.
In the western world, couches began to become popular in the middle of the 18th century . At first they were used in homes and later expanded to public places, such as bars and cafes. These pieces of furniture resemble sofas , although they have arms and backrest.

Today couches are related to psychology and more specifically to psychoanalysis . Sigmund Freud established the use of furniture in the sessions, making the patient lie on his back to the analyst. This prevented eye contact and the patient could feel freer to speak. Analysts, in many cases, maintained that use of the couch in their sessions.
Precisely in relation to psychology we can indicate the existence of an application that responds to the name of Divan, where patients can meet psychologists when they need this type of medical help. It is considered that these professionals can use the app as online therapy.
If it is considered beneficial, it is because it brings advantages such as privacy, that it is carried out confidentially, that it is secure and that it allows anyone to be treated by an expert.
In the same way, it is established that online therapies such as those offered by this application are great since they allow the psychologist to reach more patients, even those who live far from the city. Likewise, it is indicated that it is a fast and safe method and even that a closer service is offered and that it allows patients to pay a cheaper price than if they went to a physical consultation.
Within the field of television and cinema, the term divan has been used on different occasions to give a title to a work. This would be the case, for example, of "Stories of divan". It is an Argentine-Uruguayan miniseries, which aired in 2013 and revolves around the figure of a therapist, Manuel Levin, who receives in his office all kinds of patients, with different problems and realities.
This production is based on the play “Historias de diván. Eight life stories ”, written by Gabriel Rolón and published in 2007.
For literature , a couch is a collection of poems written in an Eastern language . It can be a work of a writer or of several authors. In their origins, the couches were collections whose compilation was made by the court of a sultanate.

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